Together We Can Keep Springville Thriving...

Through Transparent Communication

Economic Growth, Fiscal Responsibility and Outstanding Service!

The Platform

Serving The Community


Heidi and I have enjoyed serving the citizens of Springville for over 20 years through various civic committees, school functions, clubs and municipality boards. 

As a member of the city council, I will continue to encourage and promote strong civic involvement from the citizens of Springville. I have found through my years of service that one person can make a difference. Our community needs involvement through volunteer service. Through my involvement, I've witnessed amazing acts of service take place in Springville that go unnoticed. Thank you to all for your service! Service unifies and defines a community.

Economic and Fiscal Responsibility


Springville is an awesome community. Often it has been referred to as a "bedroom" community, meaning there are fewer businesses. This has led to a smaller base for sales tax revenue for Springville's operating budget. Over the past several years we have started to see positive growth in the business zoning of the 400 South corridor between 400 East and I-15. With limited real estate within Springville proper, as a member of the city council, I will promote and encourage wise development of businesses that will maximize our sales tax base revenues. I will also be a vigilant steward of the funds that are collected from the citizens to operate our community.

I Invite You to Get Involved


As I attended the city council meeting on June 18, 2019, where the Springville City 2020 Operating Budget was approved, I was discouraged to find just over 10 citizens were present to participate in the public hearing prior to the approval of the budget. There were only three citizens (myself and two others) that gave any input on the approval of the budget. I support and encourage open communication and transparency in government and fiscal decisions. As a member of the city council I invite and strongly encourage the citizens of Springville to become educated and involved in the local governing of our community.   

Want to get involved?